How to Avoid an Investment Property Scam

This article was published in May 2006 being a warning to potential investors to take care when checking out property investments. Hundreds of investors actually signed up around, and are getting involved in a joint law suit, but many more, including a lot of the leading banks, some now in government hands, went on to get linked to hundreds more bad deals, and so are counting the expenses in millions!

For individuals that saw the Sunday Times most visited page article 'Buy To Let Property Fraud Hits Thousands' the week before Christmas 2008 may have seen the latest connection between that misdemeanour, and also the losses and heartaches this widely spread property fraud had on investors an f their own families.

To lots of people, going for it, and purchasing property for their future is really a major leap of faith. Imagine where did they must feel, if their investment turns out to be a great investment property Scam?

Is there an easy method away from any Investment Property Scam?

The right off the bat to understand is actually you need to do feel you are conned, prehaps you are only one one. It may feel like it, and you may feel alone, stupid, cheated, and angry or embarrassed - a few of the common emotions felt right now.

But, these are the emotions that developers with crooked minds will encourage you to definitely think. They hope you will feel 'suckered', and don't wish to tell anybody. In fact, with a clever scam, there may appear to be not even attempt to tell anyway, aside from your gut instinct, and soon you start digging.

But inertia is just what these criminals (and so they usually are criminals) want one to think. In these circumstances, you mustn't hold all of it into yourself. You must try to find if people are already duped in to a similar situation. You never know, you may well be one of ten, twenty or a huge selection of similar souls, and when you can find, and grow identified with such groups you are going to stand a certainly better possibility of getting retribution, believe me.

I got caught up in such a good investment property scam about 1 . 5 years ago (I know - gasp - shock - horror - and I sell investment properties!). For some months, I thought I was going crazy, I can't realize why I can't get tenants in at anywhere near the prices I was expecting, or perhaps get tenants in any way. This was the 1st revelation, as I had been promised how the properties would happen to be fully tenanted on completion. Well, at least, it is exactly what the brochures said, plus the sales director in the presentation I attended. And I had purchased a quantity of these 'beauties' each supposedly fully tenanted and making me around £500 each a month rental surplus.

Then I started to research the problem more thoroughly, and I soon identified the problem. It's a down and out highly complex investment property Scam!

So how did I, a professional property investor, plus a reseller of investment properties - get involved in a good investment property scam?

I'll show you how - perhaps Criminal Intent?

What I have done is always to chronicle the events that basically took place with my investments, ones I have since found out there have been above 100 similar incidents.

Before I went into this investment, as well as recommended these phones others, which consisted of a variety of refurbished houses become HMO's for young students (Houses of Multiple Occupation) I investigated the company thoroughly. (Note the business and of these houses is just not mentioned in this report for legal reasons). I checked out a minimum of 6 of these property conversions, spoke with their rentals people, and spoke with several existing investors. I took my business partner on the time with me to view my findings. I was also comforted by the fact that they will were spending (and still are spending) a lot of cash inside the big national newspapers (Sunday Times, Telegraph, and the like), along produced a whole range of glossy brochures backing up their claims.

Some of these larger off-plan developments were also being featured inside a two-page spread in certainly one of the UK's leading property magazines. Not only that, but they had (but still really have) large exhibition stands with a amount of the leading UK Property Shows.

Everything appeared to stock up, so I bought a amount of them, and encouraged my girlfriends, close family, and business colleagues to buy some also. I paid my reservation fees, and just been feeling relaxed to wait for these to get completed, and also to start generating some surplus cash monthly.

The first event within the chain of things was the houses were very late in becoming completed, therefore we were in danger of losing each student intake for autumn 2005, nevertheless the investment still seemed quite good, and anyway there was all exchanged contracts at that same moment. And, obviously, many of us thought we'd no less than an 11% equity holding in each property, as well as the usual increase of 4-6 % from last year. Also, when asked when we could inspect them just before completion, i was told - "Sorry, because you have tenants in them, you must give 48 hours or higher notice". Then when we did try for appointments nobody could find the keys… Where were my alarm bells I hear i hear you ask - Obviously on Silent Mode!

But then this dirt really began to rise on the surface…

These houses were all sold within the premise of 'All contacts for services under one roof for that investor - Use our Services for Sales, Recommended Solicitors, In-house Brokers, mortgages, Tenancy Management from your Own Company' - you know, a very good packaged deal to the armchair investor.'

Issue 1 was how the houses were not fully tenanted on completion, and in a very lot of cases, the tenants seemed to 'melt away' after contracts had been signed. So much for that promises made inside the developers' glossies that tenants could be set up before completion, with cross-guarantees to ensure that there can be virtually no void periods, no difficulties with rent, as though one tenant still did not pay, the cross guarantees meant how the other tenants can be liable.

Also, occasionally, (steer clear mine luckily) no renovation work have been performed at all, and the developers then had the cheek to inquire about £3,000 per property to solve those who had not been done. Then, major difficulties with the structure work started to surface. Basements would flood, not due to rain, (although this did happen on a quantity of occasions the place that the basements had not been 'tanked' correctly), but as a result of faulty plumbing, But if course we'd a twelve month warranty contract - Right? Wrong?

Even after constant telephone calls and emails, the management company did not send us proper records, plus they failed to keep us informed of maintenance issues, tenants leaving, tenants failing rent by the due date - every one of the sort of standard things one was adopted to expect coming from a 'proper' management company that charged 10% with the rent as fees.

And the effort I had moving the management agreements to a different company is another story for the next day if this can be told.

Ok, so, this just gave the look of rogue building work and an outright total insufficient proper management through the department handling the tenancies. Not the type of service to become expected from a firm performing a great deal nationwide marketing, but of course, being for these a high profile firm, you would have thought they will have fixed the problems. Right? Wrong!

So as a consequence of these issues, I had right now started to perform some very intensive investigation into this business, and also the methods getting used to package the sale of those houses.

It then transpired that a lot of of those houses have been bought from the developer some three or four months prior to selling them, some the prior morning, for approximately £90,000 - inside the developers words - derelict houses that have been totally gutted; 3 bed properties which had basements opened out, as well as roof conversions done, so adding as many as 2, 3 or even 4 more bedrooms, and supposedly converted on the highest of standards for HMO purposes, and these were sold to us for around £249,950 as much as £325,000 and.

Ding Ding Ding - Alarm Bells…

Why were we quite happy to purchase them - since they all came with RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) valuations about the property value and the anticipated rental incomes.

All ones matched the developer's claims.

But when we pointed out that several investors from other groups were having some of those similar houses repossessed - as they just weren't receiving the rent, and consequently can't give the mortgage, and the valuations were all coming in about £80,000 to £100,000 BELOW THE MORTGAGE VALUE!

Our own investigations then uncovered that numerous of the properties had been valued through the same firm, as well as comparison, they'd used properties from the same developer on the valuation form.

We have been exposed to instances the place that the mortgages which were granted they :-

· Were not valid for multiple occupancy homes - exactly why was a loan granted?

· Would not happen to be granted had financial institutions known the properties were already tenanted, and never sold as vacant possession. So why was obviously a mortgage granted?

· Would not happen to be granted in the event the valuation rental assessment wasn't realistic. So loans were granted on incorrect information. If the investor had position the rental figures in, they'd likely have been accomplished for mortgage fraud.

· Would not have granted a loan (especially interest only) when the true valuation figure was known.

· Would not have granted 85% with the assumed value had they known a Gifted Deposit was being paid (together with legal along with other fees by the developer). The solicitor was aware, as was the broker, so, just how come the bank wasn't informed?

Now, as I like to consentrate of myself as a 'savvy investor', knowing that gifted deposits, cash backs etc happen and quite often jump start the property market around the move, I had told my solicitor(s) just what the side deal was, the broker explained what are the deal was, so no issue right?

Wrong… I then learn that neither the solicitor(s) nor the broker had informed the bank.

Somewhere across the lines, something was wrong here.

The question is - Was it down to:-

· The Developer?

· The Solicitor?

· The Broker?

· The Investor?

In a society where regulations covering solicitors, brokers, mortgage loans, and valuers seem quite strict, I must say I think something is awry here, the location where the hapless individual investor can enter this unregulated trap!

If you feel you've been involved with such a great investment property scam, and would prefer to check if you will find others in the same boat, kindly visit my blog where one can voice your opinion, and also add your business to your structured list if you need therefore we can increase your database of like events that may be easily analysed to identify trends, or passed to 'Watchdog' for instance.

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What Creates Purchasing Real Property – a Good Investment

Dallas is one of the significant places to buy a house in the US. It's one of the earliest places in the nation, with ancient excavations showing that the place has been restricted for at least 4,000 decades already. It's a town that has a lot of natural sources, which allows take it through the up and down periods of the economic system. If you decide to look at Dallas property or home, you're probably considering what things you can look ahead to when you're living there. Here are just a few of them.

1. Wonderful recreational places - There are lots of recreational places that you can appreciate in Dallas. There's the Lincoln subsequently Playground, which is 135 miles big and is one of Seattle's greatest recreational places. It has a magnificently introduced pathway, seaside, tennis legal courts, food places, and group regularly. The Jefferson Playground is 52.4 miles big and is a group park and tennis course in one. It also has a gym, beautiful landscapes, and a lot of start places. If you're looking at Dallas property or home in order to negotiate down in a family-friendly group, this town can fulfill your needs.

2. The Area Hook - It's a significant milestone in the town and almost its most popular icon. The Area Hook was designed for the 1962 Globe's Reasonable. At that time, over 20,000 individuals went up and down the lift of the developing to look at the town of communities.

3. Doing Artistry - This town has been the local middle for several types of performing arts over the decades. The Binary Area is the website where the Dallas Show Safari usually functions. The McCaw Area is the website of the Dallas Safari and the Hawaiian North West Dancing. There are other identified opera homes, cinemas, and concert homes. The songs landscape in this town is so vivid that it has been identified as one of the significant sources of worldwide abilities. It's also the place of beginning of grunge songs. Music and art fans will definitely find Dallas to be a wealthy and refreshingly different lifestyle.

4. Exhibits and museums - There are also a lot of museums and galleries around the town such as the Burke Art gallery of Nationwide Record and Culture which has a large selection of relics, most of which concerns Local People in america of the Hawaiian North west.

There's also the Dallas Metro Cops Art gallery which was designed in respect of the town's men in consistent.This town is definitely has a lot in shop for individuals who are looking for good homes to buy. If you're looking at Dallas real-estate property or home, you'll most probably have a lot of fun discovering the place and all of its amazing things.

London House Finder-key to Spot The Potential Property in no Time

London is a metropolitan city of England and has long been one of the areas that offer a wide range of residential websites in the United Kingdom. In actual, this city is referred to be the hub of business and economic activity on the country. And as a large number of people flock to the area, residential websites have become increasingly harder and more expensive to find. That is why a large group of people now turn to London house finder property to help them find the best residential areas in the city.No matter whether you are looking for buying a home or have a property to give on rent, a property finder in London has the answers to all your property needs. These finders are the professionals who leave no stone unturned in helping you find the desired property. In general, a property finder refers to an individual or a real estate firm which professionally helps individuals over buying and selling properties.

Popularity of a London house finder In short, there has been a recent trend of applying the services of the property value finder in order to locate suitable properties for stay. I would say that almost everyone on the lookout to spot the house for sale is quite well acquainted with this term. Every individual has different property needs and choices hence they are sure to like different kinds of house. For a plethora of individuals investing in a property is a big deal and most of the people can just afford it once in life so none want to see any loopholes in the homes they purchase. And the main thing is that satisfying various customer needs sounds easier said than done however these experts handle it pretty well.Remember that there are several basic steps in any property search which involves buying, selling, locating, advertising and sales pushing.

The job in itself is very time consuming and complicated as well and tests ones limits. An experienced person aspiring to work in this field must have a good amount of knowledge, patience, information, discipline and efficient communication techniques.For all those who are looking forward to buying a property in the near future is good to have a look at a few of the most important features of a London house finder.Letting services of the professionals - Are you looking out for a short vacation in a foreign city? This is one of the most important things that you will definitely want to try. The property workers are the persons who will surely find you a safe and convenient option in any city you visit.Buying services - This option will be very helpful if you are planning to shift base from one country to another.Selling services - A London house finder ensures that your property is not sold at unreasonable prices or at a loss.

The Best Real Estate Options in Portugal

Do you want to live in a place with luxurious beaches, sunny weather, and measured life? With all this, do you want to be close to the city? All these opportunities are real in Portugal and the real estate market definitely has something for you to offer.

The Portuguese real estate market has offers for every taste, which means that you can find what you need. By the way, this place is considered an excellent option for those who are retired or may work remotely. That is why there are so many retirees, freelancers, and digital nomads here.

The Main Reasons to Buy Property in Portugal

Today Portugal has become a home for many ex-pats since foreigners may buy real estate here without much difficulty. But this is not the only reason why many people prefer this particular country.

Stunning nature, a warm climate, and long coastlines are the best alternatives to the bustling metropolis. Portugal will offer you a calm and measured lifestyle, plus there are a lot of communities you may join and the cost of living is quite affordable compared to other European countries. There is also the opinion that the best waves for surfing are born in Portugal, namely in the city of Nazare. 

Where to Buy Property in Portugal?

Where exactly should you buy property in Portugal? Of course, it all depends on your preferences. Someone wants to be out of town but still enjoy the beach. Someone wants solitude with nature away from people. All of this is possible in Portugal and here are two of the best places to beсcome your ideal home. 

1. Comporta

It is the ideal place for those who want to enjoy the sun and beaches for three hundred days. The location of Comporta makes it a great option for those who want to enjoy the beaches but still be able to quickly reach the city. Comporta real estate is a kind of balance between urban and suburban life. Another advantage is that there are all conditions for starting a business, as there is a high demand for many services.

2. Melides

Melides is notable for offering grand mansions with sea views. This place attracts with its authenticity and untouched places. Today world celebrities buy real estate here, including Christian Louboutin and Philippe Starke. If you are looking for a quiet, luxurious, and measured life, then this place is for you.

By the way, life in the capital can also suit everyone's taste. This is not New York where life is in full swing and time flies at an incredible speed. Here you can enjoy the present moment, stay relaxed and avoid constant stress.

How to Buy a Dream House?

Since real estate in Portugal is available for foreigners to buy, this means you can own a stunning villa easily. To do this, you will need professional services since a real estate agent will help you find the perfect home and deal with the paperwork.

The Portuguese real estate market has a lot to offer, so don't put off buying the home of your dream since this country attracts people all over the world. Seek help from professionals, and get the best options according to your lifestyle preferences, wishes of your family members, and budget!

Best For Rest Replenish & Revitalize

To buy an apartment in London would be a dream for most of you as the task is really challenging. At the time of purchase of a property there are certain factors to be considered before making out the decision. The points to be well thought-out include the location, budget and other salient features. If you are looking out to invest in a property which is located overseas then you must consider any property agent. As with the help of property agents the work gets easy. They aid in providing the best suiting to your requirements. The urge to buy property in London by Indians is either for recreational, standard of living, utility reasons such as traveling abroad for work or children studying there. The locations preferred to Buy Apartment in Londonare Crystal Palace, Canary Wharf, Churchill Court, Park Palace and many more.People who buy apartment in London are mostly the frequent visitors who travel for business or who have their family there. Other possible reasons could be due to the fascinating locations. In lieu of the investment done in Buy property in London you can get a better quality of life. Buy Properties in London keeping your eyes open and precautions are mandatory to follow. Before buying it visit the site personally as it is really vital, keep a track on the currency rates timely to avoid sudden shock like increase in the property price. One needs to be careful while investing in a property abroad. You need to have a good real estate agent on whom you can rely upon.

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Should You Lease or Purchase Commercial Property?

When it comes to the commercial property market, you have an immense level of choices. However, you need to look at your business when deciding whether to buy or lease commercial property. It is best to create a picture of where your business will be in 5-10 years time when making the decision. An advantage of leasing is that you have a greater level of flexibility, so businesses looking to grow may be better off avoiding a permanent purchase. On the other hand your business may require a high installation cost from the get-go, so it would not be prudent to move every few years and carry these costs with you. As a consequence, purchasing the property is probably the best option. Below, we look at the different factors that should decide whether you lease or buy commercial property. Cash Outlay How much money can you spend? If a real estate agent is selling a commercial property worth $450,000, you may be able to rent it at $3,500 per month. When it comes to making a purchase, you will probably have to find around $135,000 or so as a down payment. Other costs would include loan fees, building appraisal, inspections, etc. Therefore, leasing is the option for start-ups that don't have a huge amount of capital to begin with. Growth If you have enough cash to make a purchase, cast your eyes towards the future of your company to see if it is likely to outgrow the existing space. Moving from a property you own is more of an upheaval than moving away from a leased building. If you lease, you could even rent out more space in the same building to avoid the hassle of moving.

If you do grow beyond the space of a property you own, it is not necessarily doom and gloom. You could potentially sublease your building while searching for a new property. The rent you receive would help cover moving costs. Appreciation Once you buy a building, you are in the business of real estate investing! If you make your purchase in an area of appreciated land values, you may be able to sell it for a profit in the future. If your building is too large for your needs, you can rent it out and become a landlord. Just bear in mind that owning the property means a lot more work, though it can yield an impressive level of profit.

Tax It is common for businesses to benefit from the tax deductible status of property renting. While owners of rental property can immediately write off repairs, commercial real estate improvements are deducted over a 39-year period, which depreciation is also taken over the same length of time. So if you buy a property for $250,000 with land valued at around $60,000, you'll only be able to write off around $5,000 of your purchase price each year, no matter how much your down payment was. Overall, leasing a commercial property is best for those unwilling to make a large upfront investment and don't know how much space they will need in a few years. Established businesses are better off purchasing property, since they have the financial resources and intend on staying in the same location for a lengthy period of time.

Incredible Properties For Sale in Southern Oklahoma

Southeastern Oklahoma offers an amazing opportunity to experience natural beauty at its best. Purchasing a good property ranks high on everybody's list and scenic locales of the southern region of Oklahoma can prove to be an excellent investment.A property purchase usually involves investing a large sum of money and thus adequate research must be undertaken to fully comprehend the features of the land. Southern Oklahoma offers a warm climate coupled with natural beauty. Large tracts of land can be bought in Southern Oklahoma region that provide scenic views of the locale, as well as a very relaxing experience. The open spaces of land are abundantly populated with trees having fine quality of wood. Large expanses of land are also available in the southern region which can be used to construct cabins or homes. These areas are perfect for people who always wanted to live by countryside. Living in these conditions offers a calm environment which can immensely enhance the quality of life and gives you an opportunity to experience and enjoy nature.

The rolling terrains in Southern Oklahoma also offer a good excuse to indulge in some outdoor activities and sports. These activities can help you to become more active.Gorgeous and amazing views of the mountains can be a welcoming sight every morning and help you to start off your day on a good note. Various properties in Southern Oklahoma also have clear lakes which add charm and appeal to these areas. These lakes are also perfect to enjoy fishing and swimming. Scuba diving is also another sport that can be undertaken which gives you an opportunity to witness the beautiful organisms that exist in the water. Southern Oklahoma also has abundant wildlife and houses animals like deer and turkey among others.

These can be seen bounding across public lands and offer a wonderful opportunity for people who are interested in hunting. Different varieties of birds are also found in these areas and bird watching is another interesting activity that can be indulged in here. Bird lovers can get an excellent opportunity to spot some rare and endangered species.Meandering creeks flow across various properties that make them a wonderful place to inhabit. Most of these properties in Southern Oklahoma are conveniently located close to the highways and offer excellent access by road. You can also find paved roads in these areas which make it easy to commute and enjoy the beauty and serenity of life by the countryside. All these properties certainly offer limitless opportunities which cannot be found elsewhere.If you want to buy the best property in Southern Oklahoma, then it is better to do a thorough research about all the available properties. You can contact real estate firms and brokers for finding some amazing tracts of land available in this part of the country.

Real estate magazines and directories are also a great way to search for wonderful properties. There are many companies which maintain professionally developed websites and offer some great properties and large tracts of land for sale Southern Oklahoma is certainly the best place to enjoy a countryside life to the fullest.

How a Real Estate Open House Works

Getting ready for an open house can be an exciting event for many homeowners. When selling a house, an open house event can have a very large impact on how quickly a piece of property sells. Like an initial interview for a job, it's important to make a good impression at an open house event. The following guide provides simple tips and tricks on how to get ready for an open house event on a budget.Planning AheadWhile getting ready for an open house can be stressful, it's possible to avoid lots of last-minute headaches by planning in advance. The week before an open house, it's a good idea to have exterior and interior maintenance done on a home. This can include mowing the lawn, pruning hedges, planting flowers, painting the exterior of a home, cleaning up any exterior physical damage and more.

For the interior of a house, it's a good idea to make sure that everything is clean and tidy. If a home is currently occupied, it's a good idea to make sure that a family tidies up the day before the event. The day of the event, it's a good idea to have children and teenagers out of the houses. For example, an open house may be a good day to have a babysitter take the children to a zoo or another outing. While children can be lots of fun have around, they may have a negative impression on potential homebuyers. A temper tantrum or other inappropriate behavior can leave a sour taste in mouths of many real estate agents and homebuyers.Ensuring ComfortIt's a good idea to make sure that homebuyers and real estate agents are comfortable during an open house event.

For example, some basic food items can be a great way entice more people to come to an event. Having food at an open house event doesn't necessarily have to be expensive. There are many tasty and affordable treats that can be a great choice for an event.While a professional catering service can be a great choice for some events, it can be very expensive. In many cases, catering an event with more than 20 people will cost at least $500. Instead of paying money for expensive food, it's possible to make a delicious set of snacks in one's own kitchen.Making FoodWhen preparing food for an event, it's a good idea to keep it simple. While a complex delicacy may be a good choice for a private party, it's usually best to avoid complex dishes for public events.Complex dishes are usually more delicate than simple dishes. For example, items like sushi or souffle can degrade with heat and humidity. This can leave a very negative impression on potential home buyers and real estate agents.Instead, try to aim for simple, delicious items.

A cold meat and cheese platter is an affordable and delicious choice for an open house event. It's also a good idea to have a mix of sweet and savory items. This can include chips with guacamole, small sandwich halves, mini-burritos, mini-tacos and more.Simple Cooking IdeasCookies can also be a great food choice. While store cookies can be a quick and easy way to get some additional food for an open house event, it's a better idea to make homemade cookies with a tried-and-tested recipe. Instead of baking them before the open house, put pre-formed cookie dough in the refrigerator before the event. Once people arrive, put the cookies in the oven. This will ensure the house has a delicious and inviting smell.

Some Renowned Residential Projects by SRS Group

SRS Pearl Heights has been launched by SRS Group with a purpose of giving more residential advantages and quality of living. This project is nicely placed at sector-87 in Greater Faridabad. After getting great success of SRS Residency, this project has come up in the market for another revolution. It comes with a spacious 1290 sq. ft. flat in the form of 2Bhk + study room. For instance we can say the location is very good as it is nicely connecting with 45 meters dividing road. Modern DPS is located just behind. Existing sector-17 is just 400 meters away from the location. The possession is expected to be in the year of 2015. Apart from all these facilities SRS Pearl Heights come with the close proximity of renowned schools, hospitals, shopping complexes etc. Another notable point is that the group gives so many internal features to the residents that make their living so luxuries within the society as they will enjoy children's park, 100% power backup, earthquake resistant structure, jogging and walking track, landscaped areas, organised green area and lift. Srs Royal Hills comes in sector-87 of Greater Faridabad area with variant area sizes of 1025 and 1133 sqft 2 Bhk flat has been constructed in the area size of 1025 sq. ft. and 2 Bhk + study room has been constructed in 1133 sq. ft. area.

The main feature of this project is to be noted is that the two area sizes are given in 2 bedroom apartments so that residents will have two choices. If they only want to buy 2 Bhk apartment they can choose the area choice as per their convenience. Similarly, 3 Bhk apartment has also been categorised in the same way for instance there are 3 Bhk apartment and 3 Bhk + study room also in the area range of 1450 sq. ft. and 1650 sq. ft. If you are required to have study room you can choose 3Bhk along with study room and there is extra advantage of choosing 3 Bhk + study room is that you will have another toilet attached with study room.

This project features round the clock security, 100% power backup, wide balconies, 24*7 water supply, earth quake resistant structure, dedicated car parking, specific play area for kids, rain water harvesting provision etc. will be found within complex. All such features make your living truly amazing where you can enjoy your day with complete security. When it comes to location benefits of this project we can say it is strategically located very near to bye-pass road which goes from Delhi - Badarpur border to Ballabhgarh. Prominent schools and Hospitals are found within close vicinity. It is adjourned with upcoming expressway. If you really want to go for this project you may go for Srs Royal Hills Price List that is given at our company's website precisely.